Levator Scapulae Exercises & Stretches

Levator Scapulae Exercises Stretches and Trigger Points

Levator Scapulae — a small neck muscle that can cause big neck and shoulder pain. Learn how to test its function, treat the pain, and build strength and flexibility in the levator scapulae.

Ideas Versus Proposals

Idea to Proposal

Going From an Idea to a Proposal

Having worked with hundreds of coaches, I’ve seen the gamut between coaches who have ideas and coaches who come up with full proposals to get new clients.  And because a gym is like any other business in that all businesses need clients, this advice should apply universally.  So if you are fresh out of college or working your first job, take this advice to heart.  It took me many years to learn it. 

Analyzing a Workout Program – Burn and Turn

So you’ve downloaded the latest program from Bodybuilding.com or T-nation, but you want to customize it for you.  Here are 4 easy steps to make that happen.  We are going to be analyzing the Let’s Get Strong Workout Program and rebuilding it to make it better. Step 1: Decide what the program supposed to do. … Read more

Let’s Get Strong

Let's Get Strong Rachel and Tyler Swiss Bar Bench Press

Upgrading a Workout Program

At present, I am using about 30 different personal training programs for my clients.  I’ve written about 100 workout programs in total.  Some have gone through complete rewrites such as the popular Everyday Strength and Lower Body Symmetry Programs.  This month I am going to investigate our Let’s Get Strong Program.  Find out why it’s not as popular as others.

Often the problem is that program’s title isn’t a good fit for the workouts.  No one better than you to suggest a new title — what would you suggest?

Let’s Get Strong

The Original Program (e.g. Current Version)

WOD 50 – Burn & Turn

October 21, 2017.  Massive updates made — see how we I rebuilt this workout.

5 Rounds

  • Ring Dips 10
  • Farmers Carry 60 seconds
  • Grip Roller 120 seconds (45 lbs)

3 Rounds

  • 30 Tricep exercising tubing extension
  • 15 cal Ski Erg

8 Rounds

  • 30:30 Heavy Bag & Burpees

WOD 51 – Beach Comber

Read moreLet’s Get Strong

Lagging and Leading Indicators of Injury

Jenn and John Lower Core Activation

Regardless of how you define fitness, it should be sustainable. If you are a runner you should be able to run for years without getting injured. Limping across the finish line hurts your body and it doesn’t always properly heal. When you rely on the task completion model: e.g. finish the marathon… you can be … Read more