Analyzing a Workout Program – Burn and Turn

So you’ve downloaded the latest program from or T-nation, but you want to customize it for you.  Here are 4 easy steps to make that happen.  We are going to be analyzing the Let’s Get Strong Workout Program and rebuilding it to make it better.

Step 1: Decide what the program supposed to do.

In this case, we are going to build a hypertrophy program.  That is, we are going to focus all of the workouts on building muscle volume.

Step 2: Analyze each workout to determine if the exercise sequence is optimized.

For a Hypertrophy Programs we want:

  • Simpler movements
  • Higher volume and long time under tension
  • Complex movements to simple movements
  • Conditioning at the end

Step 3: Analyze the entire program for balance posterior/anterior + use of all major muscle groups.

Balance is the key to a strong workout program, make sure you are working all your muscles, not just your mirror muscles.

Step 4: Test and Refine.

A good program can always be made better.  Test and retest the program for flow and balance.

Burn and Turn Original

5 Rounds

  • Ring Dips 10
  • Farmers Carry 60 seconds
  • Grip Roller 120 seconds (45 lbs)

3 Rounds

  • 30 Tricep exercising tubing extension
  • 15 cal Ski Erg

8 Rounds

  • 30:30 Heavy Bag & Burpees
Sandbell Chest Tap with Pushups
Sandbell Chest Tap with Pushups

A) So this is a chest and triceps workout.  First thing I would change is the ring dips.  CrossFit made them popular, but the are so challenging people often do them incorrectly.  A better movement is the Sandbell Pushup with squarely and safely hits the triceps and chest.  Next, I would switch out the Farmer’s carry for Fat Bar Hex Shrugs.  Might as well work grip and shoulders together.  This eliminates the need for the grip roller, increasing the speed of the super set.

B) A combination cardio and isolation exercise doesn’t really make sense.  The timing is off for one (e.g. it takes 30 seconds for the extension and 2-3 minutes for the ski erg.  Better to stick with the isolation exercises.  In this case, we are going to use two triceps exercises and one “resting” bicep exercise.  We are going to do one arm at a time to maximize focus.

C) The conditioning at the end looks fine.  The boxing bag and burpee combo looks solid.

Burn and Turn Updated

5 Rounds

  • 15 Sandbell Pushups
  • 20 Hex Bar Shrugs (at 50% of Deadlift Max)

4 Sets (left arm first)

Do all 4 sets and then switch arms

  • 15 Overhead Exercise Tubing Tricep Extension
  • 15 Suppinated Tricep Extension
  • 15 High Exercise Tubing Curl

8 Rounds

  • 30:30 Heavy Bag & Burpees

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